Value Added Services for Your Roofing and Building Envelope Assets


Facility Asset and Maintenance Package – No Cost

Valley Ridge Roofing & Construction provides the following services to building owners and property managers to assist them in protecting and managing their valuable building assets:

  • Initial forensic analysis and condition assessment reports
  • Roof drawings and system components provided
  • Historical analysis and maintenance documentation
  • Photographic documentation every 6 months
  • Insurance claims oversight and facilitation
  • Engineering and legal counsel availability
  • Maintenance program and work credit toward Valley Ridge Roofing & Construction full roof replacement




Where’s the benefit?


  • On-going valuation
  • Immediate condition Knowledge of roof and building components
  • Immediate on-line document availability
  • Improved property sales ability
  • Maintenance Credit transferability
  • Legal counsel availability
  • Historical property condition

Property Management

  • Comprehensive reports
  • Immediate condition knowledge
  • Consistent documentation
  • Immediate on-line availability
  • Insurance claim assistance
  • Liability reduction
  • Claims assistance compensation
  • Reduction in Maintenance costs