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Cappelli Properties
Plano, TX

Project Profile
Cappelli Properties – 1507 Capital Avenue, Plano, TX

TPO Single Ply Roof System, Plano, TX

Overhead view of new TPO single ply roof system, mechanical modifications and new HVAC units under construction (1507 Capital Ave property).

Cappelli Properties – Plano, TX

The 4 buildings were all built in the early 1980’s (approximately 80,000 S.F),in close proximity of each other in an industrial district. The existing built-up roofs had received severe hail damage in 2016. Valley Ridge Roofing and Construction was hired to work with the client’s insurance company and provide the following:

  • Initial Roof Evaluation
  • Engineering Reports and Forensic Testing & Analysis
  • Detailed Scope of Work
  • Construction Documents/Drawings
  • Temporary Repairs and Final Roof Installations

The project involved removal of existing built-up roof and insulation down to steel decking. Installing a new 60 mil TPO membrane over polyisocynurate board mechanically attached to existing steel form decking. The scope of work also included code upgrades and new HVAC units.

Project Details

Client: Cappelli Properties
Roof System: TPO
Year Completed: Under Construction
Services Provided: Design, Construction Admin, & QA

before / after roof comparison

Before/after roof comparison.

roof demolition

View of roof demolition down to steel decking.

new TPO membrane

View of existing BUR, new insulation board and 60 mil TPO membrane.

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